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Very user friendly and reliable service:
DTI provides a fully integrated system with efficiency of workflow from dictation to delivery. Even the dictation and delivery process can be customized to work best with your facility, so your staff doesn't have to learn a whole new method of dictation. The entire process is fully automated and electronic to reduce turnaround time and improve quality and accuracy.

Zero Start-up Fees and Zero Archiving Fees: We do not charge any kind of start-up or activation fees. Superior transcription service can be installed and running in less than 24 hours without any extra cost for installation. We also do not charge for archiving your reports on our database for a longer period of time.

Storage and Maintenance of Reports: Digital Transcriptions retains all voice and transcribed files in our database for one year, however clients may make arrangements for longer storage periods if required. If you need long-term storage of your transcribed documents we can archive them for you at no extra cost. We will also mail you a backup copy of your transcribed documents every month for your personal archiving.

FREE Unlimited Nationwide Dial-Up Internet Access: We also offer our clients with one of the best innovative and technologically advanced Internet Service at no cost to you. You will get the following benefits from this Internet Service. A) Unlimited Usage, B) Nationwide access, C) Free Email, D) No Banner Ads, E) Fast and Reliable Connections.


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