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We guaranty that your Reports will be:

Transcribed in less than 24 hours: Time is often of the essence when it comes to the diagnosis and care of a patient. The DTI Network is designed to reduce downtime and increase workflow efficiencies.

Highly accurate: A fast turnaround is meaningless if your medical documents aren’t accurate. We ensure this by hiring only qualified, experienced MTs

Significantly less costly: DTI provides all dictation equipment and setup, so you eliminate capital equipment costs and hardware maintenance costs.

Confidential and secure: DTI is HIPPA compliant. Security and confidentiality is built-in every step of the way throughout the DTI Network.

Customized according to your own templates: We have designed the transcribed reports to efficiently integrate with your patients record system. Whatever your dictation style is, we will work with you. We will format your reports as per your needs and established guidelines

Accessible 24-7: You can dictate 24 hours a day, and your documents will be sent anywhere and in any format.

Archived free of charge: Digital Transcriptions retains all voice and transcribed files in our database for one year; however, clients may make arrangements for longer storage periods if required at no extra cost. We will also mail you a backup copy of your transcribed documents every month for your personal archiving. Since you will have the report files delivered right to your computer, you can make those pesky little changes in the document and then print the report right up--and the report will stay forever on your computer to retrieve for reprints, etc

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